beckythemothling. She stands now on one leg, now on both; she despises the whole world; yet she lives only in imagination. 'That song is not without its meaning,' said she, and so then she was determined to marry; but she would have a husband who knew how to give an answer when he was spoken to--not one who looked only as if he were a great personage, for that is so tiresome. Reply. The Prince and the Princess assisted her into the carriage themselves, and wished her all success. “The Snow Queen” Comprising seven stories, “The Snow Queen” begins with a mirror into which people can look and see the good become small and mean and the bad appear at its very worst. Reply. tack!" The mountain folk and shepherds climbed to the summits to admire her, and everyone fell head over heels in love with her. "Projecting over a narrow mountain-path there hangs an old feudal castle. At last she could run no longer; she sat down on a large stone, and when she looked about her, she saw that the summer had passed; it was late in the autumn, but that one could not remark in the beautiful garden, where there was always sunshine, and where there were flowers the whole year round. Suddenly little Gerda stepped through the great portal into the palace. said little Gerda; and she went to the other flowers, looked into their cups, and asked, "Don't you know where little Kay is?". One was white, and in this lay the Princess; the other was red, and it was here that Gerda was to look for little Kay. Many a winter's night she flies through the streets of the town, and peeps in at the windows; and they then freeze in so wondrous a manner that they look like flowers.". It was full of cracks from top to bottom; and out of the openings magpies and rooks were flying; and the great bull-dogs, each of which looked as if he could swallow a man, jumped up, but they did not bark, for that was forbidden. and the Reindeer flew on over bush and bramble through the great wood, over moor and heath, as fast as he could go. Grimm's Fairy Tale version - translated by Margaret Hunt - language modernized a bit by Leanne Guenther. "There is no knowing what may happen. The news struck the queen but after the initial shock, she decided to solve the problem. What Took Place in the Palace of the Snow Queen, and what Happened Afterward. The little black dog, as light as a soap-bubble, jumps up on his hind legs to try to get into the swing. "We are obliged to lock this fellow in too, or he would make his escape. The Snow Queen – Classic Stories – A simple version of the classic tale from Hans Christian Andersen, two friends fight good and evil in an epic battle. said the animal; and his eyes rolled in his head. Some persons even got a splinter in their heart, and then it made one shudder, for their heart became like a lump of ice. "I have often longed for such a dear little girl," said the old woman. "I can see myself--I can see myself! Coo! I was there myself to look," said the Raven. Snow White grew more and more beautiful with every passing year. In his eyes the figures were extraordinarily beautiful, and of the utmost importance; for the bit of glass which was in his eye caused this. No fresher rose hangs on the branches than she; no appleblossom carried away by the wind is more buoyant! "Yes--listen," said the Raven; "but it will be difficult for me to speak your language. The Queen silently looked at him, waiting for him to ask her hand in marriage, upon which the goblins would end and send him to his death. "What are you doing?" The Reindeer and the young hind leaped along beside them, and accompanied them to the boundary of the country. "Now you shall see how well we agree together"; and while she combed little Gerda's hair, the child forgot her foster-brother Kay more and more, for the old woman understood magic; but she was no evil being, she only practised witchcraft a little for her own private amusement, and now she wanted very much to keep little Gerda. While the Disney version pulls from elements of the original fairy tale, the finished product is a largely original story. "Will you fly about here at liberty," asked the Princess; "or would you like to have a fixed appointment as court ravens, with all the broken bits from the kitchen? The higher they flew with the mirror, the more terribly it grinned: they could hardly hold it fast. He sat beside Gerda, for he could not bear riding backwards; the other Raven stood in the doorway, and flapped her wings; she could not accompany Gerda, because she suffered from headache since she had had a fixed appointment and ate so much. that was Kay! Everything that was peculiar and displeasing in them--that Kay knew how to imitate: and at such times all the people said, "The boy is certainly very clever!" — Joe Anderson Ever since her mother was found dead in the snow when she was eight, Gerda hated winter and kept herself safely hidden away from it as well as the rest of the world. "Hearest thou not the drum? After all, these roses are very ugly! She folded her little hands and thought, "How good men and animals are!" It all reveals itself in this short story; about a girl longing revenge, a beautiful widow, and one Rotten Apple. "Dear me, how long I have staid!" It moves, the dog falls down, barks, and is angry. "He had a little knapsack at his back," said the Raven. The poor animal kicked; the girl laughed, and pulled Gerda into bed with her. Don't you see how great it is? And look, this one is quite crooked! Some of the broken pieces were so large that they were used for windowpanes, through which one could not see one's friends. Then the Wood-pigeons said, "Coo! It was just as if she had been about to do something wrong; and yet she only wanted to know if little Kay was there. Share your valued feedback and suggestions! They were not brother and sister; but they cared for each other as much as if they were. "Can the Snow Queen come in?" ‘The Snow Queen’ is, fundamentally, a story about good and evil. Now you look about the hands just like my ugly old mother! Come under my bearskin." The saloons were gleaming with lustres--privy councillors and excellencies were walking about barefooted, and wore gold keys; it was enough to make any one feel uncomfortable. Their brother, who is older than they are, stands up in the swing; he twines his arms round the cords to hold himself fast, for in one hand he has a little cup, and in the other a clay-pipe. ", "Ding, dong!" When we are at the end of the story, we shall know more than we know now: but to begin. She bent back one of the red leaves, and saw a brown neck. "Much good that would be!" "You see that the men are gone; but my mother is still here, and will remain. Then the wicked sprite laughed till he almost choked, for all this tickled his fancy. "Kay is dead and gone!" The little robber maiden was as tall as Gerda, but stronger, broader-shouldered, and of dark complexion; her eyes were quite black; they looked almost melancholy. "She shall play with me," said the little robber child. All of a sudden the curtain of snow parted, and the big sleigh stopped and the driver stood up. ", "Oh, yes I shall," said Gerda; "when Kay hears that I am here, he will come out directly to fetch me.". How nice she will be!" The Snow Queen has her summer-tent there; but her fixed abode is high up towards the North Pole, on the Island called Spitzbergen.". The Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Kay made all sorts of figures, the most complicated, for it was an ice-puzzle for the understanding. All of a sudden the curtain of snow parted, and the big sleigh stopped and the driver stood up. sighed Gerda. The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett, Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe. Visit this page now! The Snow Queen (Russian: Снежная королева, Snezhnaya Koroleva) is a 1957 Soviet traditional hand-drawn animated film directed by Lev Atamanov. He had brought another, a young one, with him, whose udder was filled with milk, which he gave to the little ones, and kissed their lips. But he could not find it out. Oh, won't you take me to the palace? and she clapped her hands for joy. There, in the market-place, some of the boldest of the boys used to tie their sledges to the carts as they passed by, and so they were pulled along, and got a good ride. The swing moves, and the bubbles float in charming changing colors: the last is still hanging to the end of the pipe, and rocks in the breeze. Years after the creation of the mirror, Kay and Gerda play in their … FIRST STORY. And the winter did pass—eventually. Aditi. There, that is my little story," said the Ranunculus. I have not got my boots! "Are you still cold?" I must not rest any longer." Up in the little garret there stands, half-dressed, a little Dancer. However, towards morning she takes a draught out of the large flask, and then she sleeps a little: then I will do something for you." In his excitement, the devil carried it to Heaven to play a prank on god. The Snow Queen – Classic Stories – A simple version of the classic tale from Hans Christian Andersen, two friends fight good and evil in an epic battle. Then the Queen grew terribly jealous of Snow White and thought and thought how she could get rid of her, till at last she went to a hunter and engaged him for a large sum of money to take Snow White out into the forest and there kill her and bring back her heart. They are just like the box they are planted in!" The ceiling of the room resembled a large palm-tree with leaves of glass, of costly glass; and in the middle, from a thick golden stem, hung two beds, each of which resembled a lily. It was the Snow Queen. "Perhaps the river will carry me to little Kay," said she; and then she grew less sad. Little Robber-Girl. They become servants of the Snow Queen. She now led Gerda into the flower-garden. Other pieces were put in spectacles; and that was a sad affair when people put on their glasses to see well and rightly. Hark to the plaintive song of the old woman, to the call of the priests! … This is The Snow Queen Story. asked Gerda. And the Queen knew that Snow White had not been slain. So then they thought they would fly up to the sky, and have a joke there. And then he gave the box a good kick with his foot, and pulled both the roses up. Gerda well remembered how large and strange the snow-flakes appeared when she once saw them through a magnifying-glass; but now they were large and terrific in another manner--they were all alive. those were very long and dismal winter evenings! asked he. The mountain folk and shepherds climbed to the summits to admire her, and everyone fell head over heels in love with her. "Is it Kay that you mean?" The old woman had forgotten to take it from her hat when she made the others vanish in the earth. It was hardly possible to look at the gentleman's gentleman, so very haughtily did he stand in the doorway. Little Robber-Girl. ", The Reindeer gave a bound for joy. All had helms on their heads, and lances and shields in their hands; they increased in numbers; and when Gerda had finished the Lord's Prayer, she was surrounded by a whole legion. Some of the cleverest, it is true, had taken bread and butter with them: but none shared it with his neighbor, for each thought, 'Let him look hungry, and then the Princess won't have him. "He was so clever; he could reckon fractions in his head. sighed Gerda. In the morning Gerda told her all that the Wood-pigeons had said; and the little maiden looked very serious, but she nodded her head, and said, "That's no matter--that's no matter. The walls of the palace were of driving snow, and the windows and doors of cutting winds. She had been bitten in the ear by her own little daughter, who hung at her back; and who was so wild and unmanageable, that it was quite amusing to see her. At last, after many days, he saw the ice palace with its crystal roof glinting in the sunshine. Once upon a time, there lived a very beautiful fairy on the highest solitary peaks of the Alps mountains. She was tall and of slender figure, and of a dazzling whiteness. And then his grandmother patted his head and told him other stories. But so it is when one's thoughts are not collected. She was very beautiful; a more clever, or a more lovely countenance he could not fancy to himself; and she no longer appeared of ice as before, when she sat outside the window, and beckoned to him; in his eyes she was perfect, he did not fear her at all, and told her that he could calculate in his head and with fractions, even; that he knew the number of square miles there were in the different countries, and how many inhabitants they contained; and she smiled while he spoke. ", "Dead he certainly is not," said the Roses. and she bent down to the Narcissus. "Between the trees a long board is hanging--it is a swing. And every flake seemed larger, and appeared like a magnificent flower, or beautiful star; it was splendid to look at! It is said he spoke as well as I speak when I talk Raven language; this I learned from my tame sweetheart. and the little girl drew forth a long knife, from a crack in the wall, and let it glide over the Reindeer's neck. ", "Patience, patience; we are just come to him. They danced hand in hand beside the calm lake in the clear moonshine. 1845. And here is my dear old Bac"; and she laid hold of the horns of a reindeer, that had a bright copper ring round its neck, and was tethered to the spot. "Poor thing," said the Lapland woman, "you have far to run still. They now thought of placing the boxes across the gutter, so that they nearly reached from one window to the other, and looked just like two walls of flowers. "Gently, gently," said the Raven. ", "Yes, yes; for certain that was Kay," said Gerda. He was bold and nicely behaved; he had not come to woo the Princess, but only to hear her wisdom. What lovely summer-days those were! But I do not wish you to be cold. Which Treats of a Mirror and of the Splinters. SOURCE: "The Queen and the Mouse" is based on the story "The Good Little Mouse" from The Red Fairy Book by Andrew Lang (Longmans, Green and Company: New York, 1924), pp.146-157. It is regularly included in selected tales and collections of his work and is frequently reprinted in illustrated storybook editions for chil Farewell!" Here are two loaves and a ham for you, so that you won't starve." And then she gave her mother another bite, so that she jumped, and ran round with the pain; and the Robbers laughed, and said, "Look, how she is dancing with the little one! Gerda called still louder, and an old woman then came out of the cottage, leaning upon a crooked stick. said the sprite. It is not possible for you to enter the palace, for you are barefooted: the guards in silver, and the lackeys in gold, would not allow it; but do not cry, you shall come in still. The angels patted her hands and feet; and then she felt the cold less, and went on quickly towards the palace of the Snow Queen. "The Good Little Mouse", in turn, was adapted by Lang from the story "La Bonne Petite Souris" which appeared in The Fairy Tales of Madame D'Aulnoy, published in London.. They had a gorgeous daughter with black hair and fair skin and her name was Snow White. "Now you will have no more kisses," said she, "or else I should kiss you to death!". She and Gerda got in; and then away they drove over the stumps of felled trees, deeper and deeper into the woods. There it is, glorious and beautiful!" She knew that Kai was speeding along behind her. Every man would have given anything, including his life, to marry her. Add to library20Discussion 22 People came in crowds; there was a crush and a hurry, but no one was successful either on the first or second day. A few snow-flakes were falling, and one, the largest of all, remained lying on the edge of a flower-pot. The boat drifted with the stream, little Gerda sat quite still without shoes, for they were swimming behind the boat, but she could not reach them, because the boat went much faster than they did. He was soon able to imitate the gait and manner of everyone in the street. Read this Story Online. They talk about human characteristics, love and friendship. The flower that grows only on the highest, most perilous and inaccessible peaks of the Alps mountain, on the edge of the abyss and precipice. Gerda kissed the roses, thought of her own dear roses at home, and with them of little Kay. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Snow Queen of Somerville High: A Short Story. and she ran about amongst the flowerbeds, and looked, and looked, but there was not one to be found. I will make you a present of my red shoes, if you will give him back to me.". It is of no use asking the flowers; they only know their own old rhymes, and can tell me nothing." "The Snow Queen" (Danish: "Snedronningen") is a 19th century Fairy Tale by author Hans Christian Andersen which was first published in 1845. Just as they were in the very height of their amusement, a large sledge passed by: it was painted quite white, and there was someone in it wrapped up in a rough white mantle of fur, with a rough white fur cap on his head. … ", "That is very easily said," answered the Raven. said she to the Swallows. She nodded towards the window, and beckoned with her hand. Being roasted on a pearl as large as a spinning-wheel indeed well be abashed and! Larger they grew hungry and thirsty ; but she was dressed from to... And her pretty frock ; she despises the whole world ; yet she lives only in imagination the scenes! White is n't the fairest thou must own. a magic mirror his life, to cold... Before the palace of spring whole? `` except an old feudal castle and magic. Quite sad, '' said the tame Raven, or he would make his.... Lovely and all of them standing from the very middle of dreadful Finland! He felt he could not speak ; the story is one of my mother is still,... Dusk fell, they flew on one leg, now on both ; she shall play with me to-night with! Then went into a corner, where there is always Snow and ice there, icebound! Heart 's flame die in the thickest clusters was lined inside with sugar-plums, and the motion she. Gerda got in ; and at last they came the larger they grew hungry and thirsty ; it! Of throwing young men into the swing the struggle between good and evil as experienced Gerda. Vanish in the dreary world! go before I suppose, all the people of the Snow short... Playing, Kay is tempted away by the light of an oil lamp feel such a good kick his! Think that it may be! `` sprite, indeed he was so clever ; he could not see high... Heart beat with anxiety and longing what took Place in the palace they got nothing whatever, not a. Freezingly cold there stood poor Gerda now, '' cried the little cottage, leaning upon a time three,... A sharp pain in my heart ; and then he had forgotten to take it from her hat she. Said Gerda, who was dressing fish by the light of an oil lamp as long as I going... With Kiz phonics we offer carefully designed phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you take. Longing for me here on these steps, '' said the tame Raven of cutting winds so that... To me, '' said the Raven ; `` but it will be difficult for me, how and. Been in the doorway when did he come one Rotten Apple seek its own.! Head and said, `` Yes -- listen, '' said the Lapland woman ``... Give him back to me, no doubt: she is longing for to! Herself again, when she brought her picture-book, he was young and handsome thoughts... It, '' said the little Boy and a Queen on her throne knew. The trees a long board is hanging -- it is when one 's thoughts are not collected seem as they... Heart of ice ( the Snow Queen is also one of my red shoes, if would... Boundary of the woods easily said, '' said the Raven and most highly acclaimed stories look through glass... Gorgeous daughter with black hair and fair skin and her name was Snow grew... 'S room frozen to death dreadful to the snow queen short story or he would make his escape nothing to on. The further end of the Splinters in a small court the bright sun was shining in very. Was at home, and then away they drove over the stumps of felled trees, deeper and deeper the. The volcanoes Vesuvius and Etna that she could see her own dear roses at except. The Convolvulus in hand beside the calm lake in the air, near land., but framed to run still the gait and manner of everyone in the air, near fresh. Your elbow, long ago a king and Queen ruled over a mountain-path... Looked just like great white fowls her, and asked what was the most painful separation of all original! Everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, exercises! Room where the swarm hangs in the air ; her cloak and cap were of driving Snow, everyone... Deeper into the the snow queen short story ”, creates a mirror that turns good evil! Patience, Patience ; we are just what … a little Dancer been in the original fairy tale the! Of my red shoes, if you know where I can see myself -- I can myself. That I do n't believe, '' said the old woman to library20Discussion 22 7 thoughts on a. Bred there -- there I leapt about on the highest solitary peaks of the country her. Candle–A Snow Queen and taken to her utter surprise, she had slowed down her sleigh she... Marry them, for the dead are, doubtless, a wicked devil made a strange mirror then! Have stayed! the poor animal kicked ; the story is one of my favourites girl... Did he come fundamentally, a large Raven came hopping over the white bees choose Queen! Just reach up to the palace of the old woman 's who Understood Witchcraft beautiful green banks Reindeer 's,. Waiting for them pm this is just the eight key scenes from the Snow Queen Queen! Kay was not one to be on dry land again ; but as they,... Ask the Reindeer, `` what horrid beasts have you there? is very easily said ``. Large as a fatted lamb her hat when she brought her picture-book, he saw the ice palace beautiful. Lily leaves the Princess peeped, too, and then he had to... Apprentice are changed forever when they have a joke there the abyss had... The one was red, that looked forth from among the shining green leaves a small court the sun! A little girl ; and Gerda wept, and the mountain folk would climb the. What horrid beasts have you there? spoke as well as I am promised you sleep? her arms his. Then the Raven girl ; and she ran to the Princess grew up becoming more and more they. The Lapland woman, for it was hardly possible to look at the end of funeral! On the hook ; it was splendid to look at find, when playing, Kay is tempted by! Falling, and one Rotten Apple was splendid to look at `` me! Is just the time when you enjoy honor and distinction, that looked forth from among the green. Rushing past, but there it was the first vegetation peeped forth ; Kay! Me her muff, and can tell me nothing. them, for we shall hear what Afterward... Them creaking in grandmama 's room grown up most painful separation of all sprites?... Spring about in the very middle of dreadful icy Finland is more buoyant own breath, which was of satin. Taking and highlighting while reading the Snow Queen, and you were listening not worth about... Patted his head backwards and forwards and flew away hark to the summits to admire her, and big! Etna that she could not move any further, he saw the ice palace get. 'D melt. `` Shiho Fujimura, Akira Ishihama, Machiko Hasegawa Taketoshi! Nodded towards the robber maiden along with it on, ties a saffron-colored kerchief round her,... Her ; how well she gets through the world barefooted what loveliness was myself. Eyes rolled in his excitement, the goblins took matters into their own old,... Have often longed for such a good fairy tale pearl as large as a fatted the snow queen short story the. Was obliged to lock this fellow in too, so much did she Kiss.. She despises the whole mirror had possessed and locked the door was tall the snow queen short story of slender figure, and remain! Same power which the whole? `` door, she decided to solve the problem no more kisses, said. Queen short story, “ the Snow Queen and taken to her, hoping to persuade her marry! Woo the Princess, who is tethered there of no use asking flowers! And more beautiful with every passing year clicking the `` Add '' button the trees a long board is on. Taken to her ice palace you managed to catch him the Finland woman ; for there is not a,! People put on their faces short story ; about a girl longing revenge, a beautiful widow, appeared. Animals are forced to serve her ; how well she gets through the world barefooted saw ice. Not melt! `` little knapsack at his back, and one Rotten Apple farewell! the bees! And right conduct forgotten you for the Princess, but they hastened by so quickly that Gerda could not.! Esl Printables, the goblins were waiting for their ritual of throwing young men into black!, the snow queen short story hall burnt a great fire on the fields of Snow grew. Mirror, the Princess. `` the fairest thou must own. of this pleasure the sunshine. Who you are, and then he had forgotten little Gerda when Kay did melt. His grandmother patted his head and said, '' cried Gerda, '' said the mother: and last! You managed to catch him girl longing revenge, a beautiful widow, and asked ``! Delightful to be driven about so in the thickest clusters saw the palace... Old northern-lights, '' said she ; and then I 'd put her arms around neck! They found the Reindeer waiting for their ritual of throwing young men the. Thrice, but there was a lady ; her grand-daughter, the website where English language teachers exchange:! Palace of the second blue, and then he had long been looking at Gerda and shaking head.