The flight was initially scheduled to land at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang. In late December, a passenger plane operated by the budget airline Adam Air crashed into the ocean, killing all 102 people aboard. PK-GIJ. 'Indonesia 7280' from Jakarta, taxiing along Zulu after landing on RWY19R. The 2.07 minutes clip shows three aircraft - Dreams Air, Boeing 777, and Garuda Indonesia which are inspired by real commercial airplane company names making a hard landing on the runway unharmed. Some helped fellow passengers stagger from the wreckage; others bent over the injured. PK-GWA, the accident aircraft involved. The cause of the accident was unclear. “As we approached the ground and I could see roofs from our window, the plane was still swaying and shaking,” she said. ACCIDENT Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 departed Selaparang Airport at around 15:00 and climbed to… Garuda Indonesia Boeing 747 landing, real footage - YouTube 15 years ago today, Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 (PK-GWA) was a scheduled domestic flight from Selaparang Airport, Ampenan, Indonesia to Adisucipto International Airport, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. “It is suspected that the pilot did a hard landing.”. Disclaimer. Boeing 747-4U3. The videotape, shown on television here, showed dazed passengers wandering though the green fields or lying on the ground. Our fleet is designed to give you more room, more comfort and better service, for an all-round better flight. Hadi Kismono, an aeronautical lecturer at the Bandung Institute of Technology, said the most probable cause of the accident was a failure of the landing gear. Boeing 777-3U3ER. The Garuda accident came the day before a TransAsia Airways plane — also an ATR 72-600 — clipped a road bridge and plunged into a river outside Taiwan’s capital, leaving at least 11 feared dead. Read user reviews for Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-800 (738) Layout 1 Submitted by Ronald d on 2019/03/24 for Seat 30C Types of bounced landing. Garuda heavy landing on Rwy 27 - Photo taken at Denpasar / Bali - Ngurah Rai International (DPS / WADD) in Indonesia on November 18, 2007. 15 years ago today, Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 (PK-GWA) was a scheduled domestic flight from Selaparang Airport, Ampenan, Indonesia to Adisucipto International Airport, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Passengers described chaotic scenes as people shoved their way through emergency exits. Lihat ide lainnya tentang pramugari, boeing 747, penerbangan. 8:03. “Then the plane was slammed to the ground and skidded forward and slammed once again before it came to a stop.”, Survivors Describe Horror of Plane Crash in Indonesia. Garuda to drop face masks after passengers complain they can’t see cabin crew’s smiles . I felt someone guide me to the right. The following are significant events involving the airline or its subsidiares. The Boeing 737-3Q8 was carrying 54 passengers & 6 crew members. “This caused the plane body to have a direct contact with the runway, which caused the broken wing,” he said. Garuda Indonesia strives to deliver the best service for our passengers, from planning a journey to taking off, flying, landing, departure and after. The images were accompanied by the sound of panting and sighing, apparently by the cameraman, Wyan Sukarta, who worked for the Australian Channel 7 news station, as he filmed his fellow passengers. 7 March 2007 Please refer to the current fleet list to see each aircraft's individual age. Twenty passengers and one crew member were killed. The 26 years-old 737-400 freighter, with registration G-JMCY and having just performed flight NPT-05L from the East Midlands, UK, suffered a very hard landing at Exeter airport, UK. 18 Jun 2020 05:24:38 National flag carrier Garuda Indonesia is planning to replace the face masks worn by its flight attendants with an alternative form of personal protective … Survivors said the plane shuddered before landing, hit the ground with a hard jolt and slid off the end of the runway into a rice field, filling with smoke and darkness before erupting in flames and explosions. JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 7 — A television cameraman leaped from a burning aircraft on Wednesday and filmed his fellow survivors staggering away from the crash as bright orange flames and columns of black smoke poured from the broken fuselage. Penumpang yang ingin melakukan pembatalan agar dapat melapor ke konter Check-in atau Call Center Garuda Indonesia.