A customer from Ventura, California was told specifically that only two percent of the meat sold at Trader Joe's was raised on antibiotics. Still, turnover at the company is just 4 percent a year, according to a study published in a Pepperdine University business journal in 2007. Some Trader Joe's employees clearly would like to believe their employer is already in the vanguard, and were quite creative in their explanations. 11 Things Trader Joe’s Employees Want You to Know Emily Cappiello Updated: Jun. This week's newsletter: I DM with @traderjoeslist, an account with a million followers that's all about promoting another company's products. A Trader Joe's employee pauses at a makeshift memorial outside the Silver Lake store. "I am sorry for the loss," Moore said. Coulombe sold Trader Joe's to German retail chain Aldi in 1979 and remained its CEO for the next nine years. Trader Joe's has almost a cult-like following thanks to their amazing products, great prices, and happy employees. But even that's not ideal. Gloves have been an especially heated topic for Trader Joe’s employees, who have been forbidden from wearing them unless they have a doctor’s note. “Joe was the perfect person at the right time for Trader Joe’s," Dan Bane, the company's CEO, said in a statement provided to BuzzFeed News. "This tragic loss — not just to the Corado family, to the father, brother, to the friends, to her work colleagues at Trader Joe’s. Dad Joke of the century goes to the Trader Joe's employee at the freezer section telling me about how he tried to get into his house last night but couldn't because he had gnocchi. The playfulness in the way Trader Joe's depicts its products is … Trader Joe's currently makes a retirement plan contribution equal to 10% of annual compensation to eligible Crew Members—without any obligation for a Crew Member to make a matching contribution. The plan also allows Crew Members, at their discretion, to save additional amounts of pre-tax dollars. If Trader Joe’s were as big as most supermarkets, employees would never be able to provide the same level of knowledgeable service. At Trader Joe’s employees know at least two weeks out what their schedule is like, Seay said. The Woman Behind The Massively Popular Instagram Account About Trader Joe’s Said It’s All Just A Hobby. He may have been standing there for hours waiting … According to Wikipedia, Trader Joe's sold 800 million bottles of Charles Shaw between 2002 and 2013.