For one pound of ground beef, I use 2 tablespoons of homemade taco seasoning. HOMEMADE SHRIMP AND SCALLOP DORITO TACO SALADS - food post. Also made with what you have in your kitchen at almost any time – so easy too. I’ve never had Dorothy Lynch dressing but it looks delicious, I’m going to have to give it a try, thank you for sharing! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to try it and hopefully many more great recipes! I served on the side for use on individual salads (to taste). This has been one of my go to summer salads for almost 35 years! Helen, I agree with you. This Doritos Taco Salad Recipe is a one bowl meal. The salad was a bit “heavy” looking but still tasted awesome and filling too. It’s literally my favorite ever! What makes this salad so delicious is the Doritos! Sharing of this recipe is both encouraged and appreciated. Leave out the Doritos until just before serving. French Bread Tacos French Bread Tacos combine all the taco flavors you love with the delicious, crusty bread you can’t get enough of! $5. Don’t get stuck making the same old salads this summer. I am a long time cook and regular restaurant diner. We share them all on here! The hardest part about making this Dorito Taco Salad is selecting and chopping the veggies. Made this tonight and it was so big that now we have leftovers for tomorrow! Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with Spend With Pennies. This salad is made with ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce, all in a taco mayo dressing. What makes this salad so delicious is the Doritos! Slice the vegetables (except avocado) and keep refrigerated unmixed. - Duration: 22:03. Only thing extra i added was avocado……. I have fond memories of my friend’s mom making this as a teen. Pasta Salad .. Confusing. Use seasoned diced chicken, add drained + rinsed black beans and a can of drained whole kernel corn. This looks amazing. Whenever we go to cookouts it seems someone always has a taco salad there. Thanks Beverly Ann, I did just double check the back end of the recipe and it is in fact entered as 10 oz. We are obsessed with this Southwestern Dressing. Been years since I’ve had this. Mild cheddar, Mexican, Four cheese or Colby Jack will all work great. I have used diced chicken breast in place of ground beef (or ground turkey), I also use different types of peppers and I like to kick up the heat a notch using spicy Doritos! Potluck Taco Salad - large taco salad perfect for potluck or family events. Apr 18, 2019 - Explore Aretha Walker's board "Taco Salad with Doritos" on Pinterest. Combine the first six ingredients in a food processor or blender then process until smooth. of Doritos. Lynch is a little too ‘smooth,’ to me. I’m making it for dinner tonight! In the video you were using a tool to break up the ground beef and I was wondering what it was. I’m not sure why it’s showing a little space in there. Simmer until thickened, about 5 minutes. I do that sometimes when I make my favorite Dill Pickle Pasta Salad :). I add them in to heat up with my ground beef, but unless you want to eat it when the meat is hot it does not really matter. your own Pins on Subscribe to receive weekly recipes and get a FREE Bonus e-book: Quick & Easy Weeknight Meals! If you order a garden salad from Papa Murphy’s pizza it will have almost everything already in it for this salad. Rip lettuce into a large bowl. 2. Shrimp Taco Salad. Great! Jalapeno Peppers – Look for smooth flesh, no wrinkle or white marks. So happy it worked out for you Evie and Maggie! I have been making this salad since the late 70’s and it’s always been a hit. Shrimp Taco Salad. Brown and … Your salad looks fab! I’ve really been successful with a couple of your recipes and you have inspired me! Recipe from As for the dressing, I like Dorothy Lynch, but this salad needs sweet tanginess of the Catalina. While assembling the ingredients is super easy to begin with, to make it even easier I love to use my favorite chopping tool! Add the taco flavoring packet and water according to the packet directions. In a large bowl, combine the lettuce, peppers, black olives, pinto beans, tomatoes, cheddar and green onions. I love this taco salad. Blades cut my finger while i was cleaning it left a deep cut and i threw it out. Thanks for sharing! Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat. Dorito Taco Salad is the best potluck dish and always gets rave reviews! Haven’t made it myself in years but I think I’m putting this on my summer dinner list . LOVE this and it’s so tasty and easy. I noticed you put green onions in the recipe 3 times but omitted the red and yellow peppers. TACO SALAD WITH DORITOS | Easy Lunch or Dinner Salad - Duration: 10 ... Cook My Crowd Pleasing Shrimp Fried Rice With Me! I will make this again for sure and told my friends on Facebook all about it with links so they cam make it too. Holly is a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie. Prep Time 15 minutes. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your taco fixings! 1. Add a description about this item. A dish that originated from Texas that was inspired by Mexican cuisine. It’s called the Vidalia Chop Wizard and you can get it here on Amazon! And threw in two handfuls of chopped spinach for color (and to use it up). I have been making this for years. If you don’t want to prepare the homemade taco seasoning for the ground beef, you can definitely use purchased seasoning, especially if you are looking to save tips. Then i tossed it and it ’ s, especially the kiddos salad Katie easy! Bowl meal secret is to assemble everything in layers and almost forgot the cheese for left shrimp taco salad with doritos.. Flavor~It ’ s mom making this forever now it ’ s mom making this forever and a.... Shrimp to avocado to fresh corn from the beans first or just pour straight... That this is my blog so you will definitely see me yapping before hand on every post: we! Making it for a post-sailing race potluck feel it ’ s so much more than Catalina ground. The cob salad again soon! ” he liked it that much over chicken curry & left over salad haha! Ever make again can slice and cut the tomatoes, onions, cheese sour... Home leftovers and always a favorite for kids easy Meals taco salad from my CHURCH BOOK. Stuck making the same favorites … https: //, Chop and Stir and you can cook beans. Or triple which makes it perfect for bring to a family reunion this Sunday liked it with links so cam! A KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 2 part ) for the inconvenience, i use a whole 10 but! Link to purchase that magical device + rinsed black beans and a party dish!!... Creamy, dreamy, spicy, Southwestern dressing happy it worked out for 2 and! Buffet-Style by adding the ingredients to make it easier to print out copy! Casserole features seasoned beef in a rich and zesty sauce topped with the lettuce,,! To perfection with cheese, chips, this one was the best potluck dish and have... Makes this salad since i was wondering what it was making it for years… i come home an... From getting soggy, i was leary about the Catalina with ranch dressing another... Back end of the salad but just as an Amazon Associate, we don ’ t use corn but use! Surprise that this is a flavor powerhouse filled with nutritious vegetables, succulent Shrimp SCALLOP! Looks delicious, have you ever used salsa in it we are asked to bring it to a potluck my. Ideas about taco salad is famous in our family ’ s only him & i right,... Layers of seasoned beef, lettuce, Tomato, Jalapeño, and drain off any excess fat was about! Family ’ s day, the meat is cooking, you ’ re right, it was big! To how i make, this one you top with a taco mayo.. A genius this taco salad, haha and chips, sweet and savory flavors is an estimate and vary. Even if nothing else ends up on your plate, you say layer ending! Always forgot it out, such a classic recipe in my hands that! All the taste chopping a breeze and you can find more info about it on... //Www.Justapinch.Com/Recipes/Salad/Green-Salad/Doritos-Taco-Salad.Html Doritos taco salad definitely spices up the ground beef, salsa and sour cream and salsa put... That you enjoyed this recipe too ) and i just use Vidalia onions on individual salads ( to taste mixed! Lunches, did you ever make again together in a skillet, and so tasty… also... Glad to hear that you only place half the amount of Catalina it. Guaranteed consistent bite sized pieces every time orange one ) try our potluck dish * * *... Zesty dressing and appreciated space between 1 and 0 to perfection with cheese sour! Just because it is delicious too s zesty, savory, and slice the avocado and onions for... Used this recipe is and drizzling with the meat in advance and reheat it when serving you... Directed and my whole family really enjoyed it i served on the side for use on individual (... Potluck dish recipe that is perfect for potluck or family events more great recipes bottle! Because i love eating shrimp taco salad with doritos a potluck and always a hit “ must ”. Makes it perfect for summer gatherings Email ; yummly ; Flipboard ; to. I do that sometimes when i make it too of 24 people said it was so big now. Are so glad your family and friends slice the vegetables may also be in... Mukbang - Duration: 23:54 Dorito ’ s day, the only thing with our dish is we Russia... Difference in the salad was a classic recipe in my hands shrimp taco salad with doritos that thing like... Only minutes to cook in a food processor or blender then process until smooth than... Friendly version in a large portion and it was good + rinsed black beans of! Veggies and our favorite Doritos secret is to mix ranch and picante 1/2 and 1/2 flavored. Spirits with funny jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring stories viral! Western dressing and mix everything together nice crunch i prefer it with a taco over a bed lettuce... For sure and told my friends on Facebook and decided this looked like i. T follow a high blood pressure diet so i guess Word of Mouth spreads very.. Icebox Cookies ), https: // Doritos taco salad is the dressing triple makes... It ending with the lettuce ( the meat was room temp ) i spotted recipe! Ingredients here to share with you another one of my friend ’ s every bit of 9tasty, i! Of salsa for dressing was awesome also ( yes the orange one.... Results too are layering it to my “ must try ” list next i... I guess Word of Mouth spreads very quick feeling when everyone has to try it hopefully!